Careers at Masterbulk

Our employees are Masterbulk’s greatest assets

We employ and recruit people who share the Masterbulk values of INTEGRITY and HONESTY, TRUST and RESPECT, we are PROUD and LOYAL of working for and with Masterbulk, and we can be relied upon due to our QUALITY and RELIABILITY. We are living our values and we expect our future employees to have them.

We look for star performers, people with drive, energy, and innovation. Our people need to be team players. Masterbulk puts great emphasis on training people to be being future leaders of the company.

Vacancies will be published on this site and you may send your application at

Careers at Sea

We offer excellent career opportunities for Masterbulk fleet of 18 Open Hatch Gantry Crane / Jib Crane ships.

We value seafarers who share the same values as Masterbulk. We are look for great performance at sea, and we offer top-level training for our people in order to ensure their development. We consider promotion from within the Masterbulk family as a first priority. Masterbulk is currently initiating a cadets development programme, to be further developed in the near future.

For further information on careers at sea please contact our manning agent Magsaysay Maritime Corporation: