Unitized Woodpulp

Masterbulk’s open hatch gantry crane vessels offer extremely fast loading rates using high-tech “unihooks,” providing safe and damage free handling of woodpulp. Our unihooks have quick hook up, automatic release, and split functions allowing easy access for lifting machines Unihooks can handle woodpulp and all cargoes suitable for toplifting.

Rolled Products

Rolled products can vary substantially in size, weight and quality. The handling methods, therefore, must suit the various products. We ensure the best handling of the cargo by using a wide range of methods, including vacuum handling, core slings, core probes, and marino slings. The configuration of our vessels, with the special ‘tween deck system available for tier limited cargoes, also ensures suitable stowage avoiding pressure damage.

Project Cargoes

The surface decks, ‘tween decks, and box shape holds of Masterbulk’s vessels are ideally suited for the transportation of a wide range of over-sized and project cargoes. The strength of our ships’ hatch covers (3.0MT/m2 for Gantry Crane vessels and 2.5MT/m2 for M Class vessels), means we can carry cargo which includes windmill blades and towers, railcars, yachts, barges, transformers, construction equipment, and oversize 53’ containers.


Masterbulk’s fleet is fully equipped for handling containers and combining bulk, break bulk and containers.


Steel is one of Masterbulk’s main commodity cargoes. There are many benefits to loading steel in Open Hatch vessels compared to conventional ships. Our box-shaped holds afford the best use of space and the two gantry cranes provide faster loading than can be obtained with four conventional cranes – saving shore labor costs.


Masterbulk vessels handle a substantial amount of bulk cargo, from grains and fertilizers through to petcoke and iron ore. All vessels are grab fitted, and suitable grabs for a range of bulk cargoes are available.