Open Hatch Gantry Shipping

Masterbulk owns and manages a fleet of Supramax Open Hatch Gantry Crane and Jib Crane Bulk Carriers. These vessels are some of the most advanced bulk carriers in operation — notably in the unitized dry bulk, high-care, and project cargo shipping segments.

The nature of this cargo, for example paper and forest products, means that our safety and operational standards have to be the best in the business. To ensure the highest standards of vessel operation and cargo care, we have adopted the same safety standards and self-assessment standards (TMSA) as adopted by the tanker sector. We see this as a basic requirement to meet our clients’ needs.

The Open Hatch Gantry Crane vessel offers many advantages for transporting goods by sea: its many holds make cargo segregation easier; the gantry cranes ensure faster and more efficient loading and discharging in adverse weather conditions; and the box-shaped holds and open hatch concept allow unobstructed access to cargo. These features offer our customers not only financial advantages but also virtually damage-free transportation of goods.

Shipping Forestry Products

Our organization has a lifetime of expertise dealing with rolled forestry products. Rolled products can vary substantially in size, weight and quality. The handling methods, therefore, must suit the various products. We can ensure the best handling of the cargo by using most suited handling method, i.e. vacuum handling equipment, core slings, core probes or marino slings.

Unitized Cargo

Westfal-Larsen Shipping offers extremely fast loading services using high-tech “unihooks”, providing safe and damage-free handling of unitized cargoes. Our unihooks have quick hook up, automatic release, split functions allowing easy access for lifting machines. Our wide range of unihooks can handle not only woodpulp, but all cargoes suitable for toplifting.

Project Cargoes

Our Box-Shaped Gantry Crane vessels with 2x70MT cranes and tween decks also have the capacity to carry heavy lifts and project cargoes. The tanktop strengths range up to 32MT/M2 which is perfect for a variety of heavy cargoes. The ships have outstanding flexibility under deck and with our open, flush, unobstructed deck space of up to 4,500 sqm, our vessels have superior intake capacity for large, heavy and awkward projects cargoes.

Minimizing the risk of cargo damage

Our open hatch, box hold vessels allow “drop-stowing” of your cargo. This eliminates any need for mechanical re-handling of cargo which may cause damage to the cargo. The configuration of our vessels, with the special tween deck system available for tier limited cargoes, also ensures suitable stowage avoiding pressure damage.

With up to 12 cargo holds and 4 sets of tween decks, 16 Equipment, cargo care and handling separated cargo compartments are available for multiple commodities. This versatility gives a great advantage when loading a variety of different part cargoes, ranging from a wide range of rolled or flat products and unitized cargo to any kind of bulk cargoes.